Study in Canada

Study in Canada from Karachi Pakistan

Established in Spring 2017, Grow Wise Consultants Karachi is one of the Pakistan's leading study abroad services provider.
Our education consultants and managers have a teaching background and therefore have an in-depth understanding of students’ needs and career aspirations. Most of our consultants and their family members have been educated overseas which helps them guide students with examples of their personal experiences.

Best Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the attractive destination for study across the globe especially in Pakistan. Canada offers a dynamic atmosphere of education to all or any the students coaching them with new trendy techniques enhancing their skills and capabilities. Following are some best reasons why students choose to study in Canada from Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Globally recognizes colleges and Universities.
  • Innovative research methods and world class faculties.
  • Cost of living for international students in Canada is lower as compared to other countries.
  • 3 Years work permit after completion of degree.
  • Long Residency opportunities for International students.

Our Canada Partner Colleges & Universities

University Name Location
Brock University Ontario
University Canada West British Columbia
Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver
Acadia University Nova Scotia
McMaster University Ontario
University of Manitoba Manitoba
Royal Roads University British Columbia
College Name Location
Centennial College Toronto
Seneca College Ontario
Columbia College Vancouver
Durham College Ontario
Cambrian College Ontario
Humber College Toronto
Toronto International College Toronto