Business Immigration to Europe

Business Mirgration Visa to Europe - Startup Visa Lithuania

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Grow Wise Consultants (Pvt) LTD provide Business immigration consultancy services for Europe (Lithuania), Canada, UK, New Zealand, USA and Australia. We're specialist in New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA and Australia skilled visa consultancy with offices in United Kingdom and Pakistan. Our team of expert Advisers possess over 5 years of combined industry experience in New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA and Australian immigration law and policy.

If you engage in our services, you will be assigned a professional and experience adviser, who is trained in immigration law, immigration policy, and immigration procedure and has experience in dealing with all types of immigration & skilled work visa applications.


The Startup Visa Lithuania is a new option that allows startup developers from non-European Union countries to reside in Lithuania and establish a startup here.

The Startup Visa gives individuals who are setting up a startup temporary permission to live and work in Lithuania for a period of 1 year. Family members are permitted to accompany them. Permanent Residence will be granted after 6 months. After that, regular immigration procedures apply for the passport or citizenship.

There is no requirement to invest a particular amount of capital into the company (only enough to start and operate), nor is the company required to employ a particular number of staff.


To obtain Schengen (Lithuanian) Business Visa , you should have:

  • A Non-EU Business Entity
  • Register Business Entity in Lithuania
  • Business Plan
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